Welcome to Bergen Place, where the cards are weird and the people are nice!

I've been drawing weird little things since I could grip a crayon (most noticeably, and for most of my childhood, were caricature-style versions of celebrities that my brother would choose from the TV Guide), and I've been making my living as a weird little artist for my entire adult life. I started out as a fiber artist, then I moved onto nail art, then I switched to illustration.
Greetings from Bergen Place is filled with bold, bright designs featuring all of the fun imagery that's always running through my head: a goofy raccoon holding a gift bag of garbage, or Christmas tv movie drinking game rules, or a little ghost who just really wants to win a costume contest.
I believe in hand-written notes and real cards and invitations over their e-bretheren. But I also believe in keeping those traditions alive while being realistic about the impact we have on the environment. Every card from Bergen Place is printed in the US using 100% recycled paper made of Post Consumer Waste, and each card is paired with a bright green recycled paper envelope.
Fun fact time! I live on the Jersey Shore with my toy-designing husband, Chris, surrounded by tons of board games, books, and fish tanks. Bergen Place was the name of the first street he and I lived on together. And my favorite customer review I ever got simply said, "1 star. These drawings are creepy." *chef kiss*